Restrictions and HCG

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RestrictionsBeverages such as fizzy drinks and sugar juices are off limits too. It is preferable to select some kind of herbal tea or pure mineral water. These beverages are more dangerous than any other items in the restricted list. They don’t leave any visible residue (increase in weight etc.), but leave lots of sugars floating in the system.
All the beginners on the HCG diet course must take particular care to ensure that the loading days are properly utilized. Failure to do so might cause lots of stress or an early break from the diet plan. Dieters who have been on and off the plans need to be especially careful. It is one of those time ranges, where most of the people give up on the diet plan.
The process of cycling is useful for the heavy dieters. These dieters, who decide on cycling, are generally the ones who aim for long term dieting. As a part of cycling, the dieters alternate between phase two and three, without proceeding to phase four. This is done in order to increase the effects of those phases, before finishing the diet plan.
The original HCG protocol, written by Dr. Simeons directed the dieters to take daily doses of HCG as well as VLCD (very low calorie diet) as a part of Phase 2. The daily intake of HCG is stopped in between 23 to 40 days. The VLCD is stopped after 3 days of stopping the HCG. P3 is set for duration of 3 weeks, in which dieters can eat any type of food, barring the ones containing sugar or starch.
One of the best solutions to maintain this healthy lifestyle is exercise. Starting with light exercise, the dieters are advised to increase the complexity of the exercises, thus making the body self-reliant on fighting against the increase in the body weight. Aerobics or yoga is especially helpful for the female dieters to maintain their body weight.
The dieter is happy with the results produced at the end of the HCG program. The dieter is taught various procedures to help them in stopping the body from gaining the extra weight. If the body does gain a few pounds later, just fall back to the diet in phase 3 to decrease the accumulated weight and regain the previous fitness. Phase four is continuous and unending. The dieter is in a perpetual Phase 4 till he decides to ditch fitness.
Does the thyroid level in your body affect your system? Do you observe an increase in the body weight every time the thyroid level fluctuates? If the answer for both the questions are yes, then that particular person must enroll himself in the HCG diet course for weight reduction. Research has indicated that the HCG diet is a perfect remedy for all those suffering with hypothyroidism.

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